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Gritty, powerful, and daringly revolutionary, “Cruel Britannia: After Frankenstein” is a transgender reimagining of Shelley’s seminal novel, set in the year of our Lord 1980: Maggie Thatcher’s Britain: a monstrous, chaos-ridden world of gothic proportions that Shelley would be proud of. A hauntingly beautiful and visceral experience where echoes of the past reverberate with relevance and the streets resound with the cries of the dispossessed. 


Critically acclaimed writer/performer Kristen Smyth breathes life into this evocative new production which questions the ways in which we determine who we’ll call monsters and who we won’t.

Cruel Britannia: After Frankenstein
Aug 2-17, 2024 | 8:30PM
Edinburgh Fringe 2024

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