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About the Show!


Join the escape and watch as our heroes fight trash bats, navigate treacherous ravines, and outwit hideous trash monsters in this trashy tale of epic proportions! An epic adventure with sustainability at its heart, Escape From Trash Mountain is fun for the whole family!

Escape From Trash Mountain is a poignant look at how good relationships and fervent optimism are the key to saving our planet. The show’s central set piece is a large mountain of trash that transforms into a cave and becomes the epic playground to get trashy.

Created by Ben Anderson, Jhess Knight, Amy Moule, Jacob Williams, Jess Davie, and Peter Nielson. Using puppetry and rubbish they deliver an epic tale of trashy proportions.

Two performers operate 17 different puppets and facilitate all set transformations to bring the show to life. It  runs approximately 40 minutes in length and can be immediately followed by a Trash Puppets workshop where the audience has the opportunity to make their very own Trash Puppet, guided by our expert puppet-maker performers.

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Escape From Trash Mountain is ready to tour to your school, festival or theatre. For more information, take a look at our info sheet and tech specs below or for more detailed information including availability, get in touch! endearing work of children’s theatre which is irresistibly engaging and clearly showcases the skill and dedication of its creators...The use of recycled materials in the construction of set, props and puppets is stylishly executed and the underlying message of sustainability is ever-present without feeling forced or over-indulged” - Heath McIvor (Sammy J & Randy)

Tech Specs & Other Info

Tech Specs and Marketing Info
Basic Info Sheet - Get in touch for a comprehensive quote

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